Sunday morning walk around Comic-Con!

It’s Sunday, the last day of Comic-Con 2022. Things are beginning to wind down a little bit, but thousands are still enjoying the annual pop culture convention.

In the morning fans were heading to the San Diego Convention Center, and many families had driven in from around the city on what is typically a more family-oriented day.

The offsite lines aren’t as bad as Saturday, but they’re still fairly long. I’m afraid I didn’t have the patience to wait. I like to keep moving. Perhaps I’ll go on one more walk around Comic-Con this afternoon and analyze the situation again.

This is what I saw…

People head in toward the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday, the last day of Comic-Con.

Congratulations Rachel Smythe! Eisner Award winner for best webcomic.

Cool cosplay!

The IMDboat has already wrapped up. Or, I should say, is unwrapping.

These friendly folks are launching JAM. It’s a spoken word app for your phone. You can record or listen to mini-podcasts about a minute long! “Your story. Your voice.” Brilliant idea!

Check out the JAM homepage if you’d like to join!

Here comes Batman. He forgot to use a grappling wire.

Creative steampunk and flames cosplay!

UH OH! Looks like the dragon escaped from the House of the Dragon’s castle.

No, it’s just friendly T. rex and his buddy.

As the morning progressed, the crowd heading toward the convention center grew.

Walking during Comic-Con, a few minutes before some of the outdoor activations open.

A somewhat longish line at the Abbott Elementary offsite.

Minimalist cosplay. Nezuko’s box.

Another smaller box, with a head poking out of it.

The Dragon Ball offsite gave away lots of great swag!

Hela and her small red sidekick.

I was tossed a tiny rubber ducky that squeaks!

If you’d like to view my coverage of Comic-Con so far, which includes hundreds of cool photographs, click here!

I live in downtown San Diego and love to walk around with my camera! You can follow Cool San Diego Sights via Facebook or Twitter!

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