Cosplay and fun at Comic-Con Special Edition!

Here comes a bunch of fun photos!

Comic-Con Special Edition is happening this weekend in San Diego, and I walked around San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and convention center today with my camera.

By the early afternoon I was surprised to see a good crowd forming, and there was more cosplay than I expected. The La Brea and Peacemaker offsites were pretty busy, too!

The Freak Brothers bus behind the convention center near the Hilton Bayfront seemed a bit lonely, but that made it easier to snag three cool posters and some collectible mints!

Enjoy these photos of cosplay and fun during Comic-Con Special Edition on a sunny Saturday!

Rick and Morty cosplay on Fifth Avenue in the early morning.
When I returned to the Gaslamp around midday, people were lined up at NBC’s La Brea offsite activation.
Flash stopped running for a moment to smile for a photo!
Not nearly as busy as a normal Comic-Con, but still a fair amount of activity.
Pikachu and friends!
A good crowd at the Peacemaker Proving Ground.
Spaceballs cosplay!
Inside the Peacekeeper Proving Ground, participants had to help rescue a hostage.
Another tactical group enters the dangerous obstacle course.
Working my way back, going to head toward the Hilton Bayfront.
The X-Men are poised for action! Is Magneto nearby? Great cosplay!
It’s “Bat” Girl! Very cool!
Spider-Man cosplay. I saw many kids out having fun.
Uh, oh! It’s Cheetah! Is Wonder Woman going to save me?
Freaking out at The Freak Brothers bus!
A future Superman!
A little Marvel, a little DC. Lots of fun!
Even more creative cosplay in the Gaslamp!
Deadly Crimson is a comic created by Melissa LeEllen. Learn more at!
More cosplay on Fifth Avenue. But now I’m heading home.
Hogwarts cosplay!

Today I also checked out the brand new Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park. It’s amazing. Stay tuned for that!

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