Expressive faces painted in Chicano Park.


This morning I walked through Chicano Park. It had been a while since I last wandered among the park’s many famous murals. My camera was searching for no one thing in particular. But I couldn’t stop admiring the many expressive faces that have been artfully painted: faces from our Hispanic community that contain a whole range of emotions, including pride, hope and resolve. The expressive faces reflect humanity and inner beauty.

I’ve blogged about this amazing collection of outdoor murals (the largest in the country) on several occasions, providing a little more information. Today, I simply present a few photos of painted human expression.













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9 thoughts on “Expressive faces painted in Chicano Park.”

  1. Nice photos! I’ll leave the Reader and check out your website properly now – I usually read on my ipad but do my own posts on my computer. It’s a shame most people don’t end up visiting the blogs they follow properly, exploring the menus and front pages that were constructed wit such effort. At least that’s how I feel about my own blog! Have a fun day! 😄

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      1. I do the same. Why follow a random blog that doesn’t really interest the reader? There’s a lot of gaming out there, people trying to get follow backs to raise their numbers. Personally, I’d rather have followers who are truly interested in my stuff, even if that means fewer followers…

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